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Home of the most authentic and premium Kanchipuram sarees, Rahjam Designer Silks is all about embracing the richness of our culture and traditions.

Our journey began in 2004 under the name BSY, which stands for Bairavi, Sinthavi, and Yahthavi, the first three letters of my kids’ names. We couldn’t do the business consistently at the time because of our full-time jobs and our girls.
We are pleased that, since 2009, the profits from our business have gone to charity for war-affected families in Tamil Eelam.Together with my sister-in-law, we ultimately decided to officially launch the firm on June 11th, 2016. We chose to change the name of our company to that of my mother and mother-in-law. Rahjamdesignersilks has taken their magnificent pure zari kanchipuram sarees all over the world, and we are really pleased with them.

Rahjam strives to bring the finest woven pure silk kanchipuram sarees from the busy handlooms and the bustling lanes of villages of kanchipuram.

With over 20 years of experience, Rahjam Designer Silks is standing still to its core values of providing the most magnificent sarees. It has a wide range of unique, elegant, and charming traditional Indian sarees. The master weavers at Rahjam Designer Silks are known for crafting unique and beautiful traditional sarees.

Rahjam Desgniner Silks was founded on the notion that culture should be preserved and made more accessible. Its fundamental value is to provide outstanding sarees made with years of experience. Each saree is a work of art and a once-in-a-lifetime event. Zari kanchipuram sarees, comprising 4 gram zari gold and zari by zari, are their specialty.

what we do?

We have a variety of sarees that are a mix of tradition and culture. Professional artisans use their years of experience to create each one. We have a broad selection of lovely sarees, all made with high-quality silk and stunning zari.

our vision

Rahjam Designer Silks views itself as everyone's favourite destination for culture, tradition, and lovely handloom sarees in the future, with a 20-year experience in handloom sarees. It's working on a means to make ethnic dress and culture more accessible.

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